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> Subject: BIND 9 Views
> I ran into a problem with my BIND 9 setup.
> I have 2 views, which I've named "internal" and "external".
> The "internal" view comes before the "external" view. The "internal"
> view is limited to 172.168/16. The "external" view is available to
> all.
> So, my understanding of views is that with the above configuration, if
> a node in my internal network queries the nameserver, the nameserver
> should check the "internal" view for a zone match. If it matches,
> then information for that zone in the "internal" view will be
> provided. If it doesn't match then it will attempt to match a zone in
> the "external" view.

Posting the named.conf (especially acls and allow statements)
would be helpful to find the problem