I see there's a new directory in the BIND 9.3 source under lib/, namely
lib/bind9 - and a new library that is being installed on both UNIX and
Windows, libbind9.a or libbind9.dll. What is it used for? I see that
check.c used to be in libisccfg in 9.2.3 and includes functions one can
use to check BIND 9 configuration files, and getaddresses.c seems to
provide a function for querying a nameserver for its IPv4 and IPv6
addresses, but they don't have any comments inside to explain what
they're supposed to, so the best I can do is guess. Is my guess right?
Is it intended to grow into a replacement for the old libbind resolver
library, or is it intended only to be used for simple address resolution
(and configuration parsing)?

Thanks in advance.