I am running RedHat Enterprise ES and using their dns config tool.

Basically I need to figure out if I need to create a separate zone for
each used subnet of our class b or if I can use one zone for all. When
creating the reverse master zone the tool asks the ip address for the
zone. It expects a class c address.

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"Michael Linval" wrote:

> I am in the process of migrating from BIND 8 to BIND 9 and have run
> into an issue I cant seem to resolve. When creating the reverse

> file it asks for xxx.xxx.xxx for the file creation. We have a class

> ip license and I need to service multiple class C subnets.
> I am very new to BIND so I hope Im not asking a stupid question.

What do you mean by "it asks for xxx.xxx.xxx"? BIND doesn't ask you
anything, you configure everything manually in the named.conf file.

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