At 03:51 PM 1/17/2005, Paul Kus wrote:
>I was wondering if some one have seen this error before:
>17-Jan-2005 15:40:40.238 general: error: errno2result.c:66: unexpected
>17-Jan-2005 15:40:40.238 general: error: unable to convert errno to
>isc_result: 64: The specified network name is no longer available.
>I keep seeing it in my server running BIND 9.3. It shows up every
>minute or so. It doesn't seem to be causing any problems but I just
>don't know what to make of it
>Thanks for your help

It usually helps to tell people the O/S you're running on. You're running
since that's the line that message appears on. My guess is that you are running
dynamic DNS zones and that the DHCP server is constantly adding and removing
records. The message isn't mapped to an internal ISC error code so you see
the message.