This is my case.

My ISP is hosting my company domain eg: mydomai.com dns internet dns service
is hosted in their server. But locally here in my lan I hav a dns server
(fedora c3) hosting the same domain: mydomain.com with its private ips
reverse zone, dhcpd acualize the zone dinamically. But the smtp and pop3
servers that I use are the same of my ISP (I don't have pop3 and smtp servers
here y my lan), so pop.mydomail.com doesn't exist in my lan, but how can I do
for my dns local sever ask to another dns server for a record of the same

like this: a pc ask por pop.mydomail.com to my local dns server, my local dns
server don't know about a pop.mydomain.com but it asks to my isp dns server
for a pop.mydomail.com in their mydomain.com zone, if it exist in their zone
turn back the ip.

Can I do this??? how??


Xavier Callejas

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