At 06:55 PM 12/30/2004, you wrote:
>Doug wrote:
> >
> > Using freebsd 4.5
> > currently I am running bind 9.2.3rc2 and want to upgrade, I do not

> want to
> > downgrade to to 9.2.2 and I can not get mysql support to compile in the
> > port for 9.3.0
> >

>I believe that running portupgrade will get you to 9.2.3 fairly
>easily, that's what my 5.1 box is running, no clue whether it
>differs from -rc2, nor about mysql support.
>bob prohaska

Thanks Bob,
But I finally got bind 9.3.0 to compile on my FreeBSD 4.5 with mysql
databse support in it. I have it working on 2 RedHat 9.0 2.4.20-8smp
kernel, FreeBSD 4.5 Now I am working on doing the same to my HP 735 with a
hppa 1.1 cpu running Debian linux.
Having a problem getting it to build the shared on the
HP. Going through the configure to see where I need to stic the -fPIC to
make it compile all the files with -fPIC. Need that fto compile Perl 5.8.6
on the HP