Hello, all.

I have some questions about RTT(ROund Trip Time)?
I can't find any documenst about RTT.
please let me know about the good documents or url about RTT.


1. Where can I find RTT information at my DNS Server?
I can find only TTL information using "rndc dumpdb".
any command or file which I can see RTT?

2. according to http://www.dns.net/dnsrd/trick.html

"Since the measured RTT of all NS RRs starts at zero (0), every one is
tried once. Once all have responded, all RTT's will be nonzero, and the
"fastest server" will get all queries henceforth, until it slows down for
some reason. "

Then, When the DNS client queries RTT? every query? or all RTTS same?

3. When I restart bind, RTT information is cleared?
RTT information is saved at cache? or memory?

4. according to above site.
"To promote dispersion and good recordkeeping, BIND will penalize the RTT
by a little bit each time a server is reused, and it will penalize the RTT
a _lot_ if it ever has to retransmit a query

This means that master/slave servers are all answered alike?
and those servers are load balanced, right?
But I can't understand this writing at the above site .
"For a server to stay "#1", it has to keep on answering quickly and
consistently. "

Thanks in advance.

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