> Dear:
> BIND version is 9.3.0. The bind daemon threw sig 11 and exited. Recently
> I have encountered this twice. Here is the log.
> Dec 27 10:24:47 DNS named[2809]: resolver.c:2772: unexpected error:
> Dec 27 10:24:47 DNS named[2809]: isc_timer_create: out of memory
> Dec 27 10:24:47 DNS /kernel: pid 2809 (named), uid 53: exited on signal 11
> Dec 29 19:58:23 DNS named[5230]: client.c:1909: unexpected error:
> Dec 29 19:58:23 DNS named[5230]: isc_socket_accept() failed: unexpected
> error
> Dec 29 19:58:23 DNS named[5230]: timer.c:650: unexpected error:
> Dec 29 19:58:23 DNS named[5230]: couldn't allocate event
> Dec 29 19:58:23 DNS /kernel: pid 5230 (named), uid 53: exited on signal 11

Looks like bugs on the error paths. If you have core dumps
stack backtraces would be useful. Note as you are running with
'named -u' core dumping will be disabled as a side effect of the
setuid() call. This can be overridden on some systems.

FreeBSD: sysctl kern.sugid_coredump=1

Stack backtraces along w/ associated error messages should be
sent to bind9-bugs@isc.org. Individual messages failure.

> My machine has 1GB memory. The average usage is below.
> 374 bind 2 0 470M 469M select 349:02 43.36% 43.36% named
> What's the reason? Do I need to add more memory or do some further
> checking? Thanks a lot.

You need to ensure the process gets more memory or limit the
about of memory the process uses.

Increase the per/process memory limit (note on some OS the kernel
may also need to be tuned to allow bigger per/process limits).

options { datasize 1000M; };

Limit the amount of memory used by the process.

options/view { max-cache-size 300M; };

Note: this limits the memory used by the cache. You also need
to account for the memory used to serve zones, etc. Each cache
has a seperate limit.

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