Hi Peter,

>> Slave /etc/named.conf:

> As a non-dns issue but still importent ; you should not use
> ip, it's unassigned and will very likley hit
> you in the future. Use "real" assigned ones or rfc-1918 ones.

The ip address of is not my 'real' ip address but I used it
to post here to the public. My real ip address is a valid one.

> allow-recursion { internal; };
> recursion no;

Also, I had to remove the 'recursion no' from my /etc/named.conf because I
was not able to access the Internet from lan so not sure if the
'allow-recursion' will take care of not allowing people from outside to use
my name server?

> acl internal { 192.168.100/24; 100.168.100/24; };

I also changed the above to only have the 100.168.100/24 ip block (btw, this
is not my real ip address...just use this for posting to here).



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