>>>>> "Mariano" == Mariano Cunietti writes:

Mariano> Thanks Peter. I was considering to use the "include"
Mariano> statement in my slave named.conf, to ease the readability
Mariano> of my newly generated slave zone list, and to keep it
Mariano> apart from general configuration statement as well. May
Mariano> this be a *correct* way to proceed?

There is no *correct* way of managing named.conf files for large
installations. [There's no *incorrect* way either, though complex or
obscure setups are obviously Bad News.] So do whatever works best in
your environment. As a general rule, large named.conf files are not
read by humans so their readability shouldn't matter much. Provided of
course that the name server can read them OK.

In large DNS installations, the configuration for master and slave
servers tend to be done by a combination of some sort of metafile and
some scripting. For example, an SQL script fishes out the zone data
from a back-end database that holds customer details and generates
named.conf (and zone files) as appropriate. Then some sort of secure
copy tool is used to propagate the files to the right places. And of
course a well-designedprocess will include testing, version control
and an audit trail before the new configuration is activated.