I have a redhat 9 box web server and email.
one domain is bostonbrick.com, one is xkmail.com
the ip is, it is static
bind9 listens on
there is ns1.bostonbrick.com listening on, bostonbrick.com
and mail.bostonbrick.com listen on also.
I just registered xkmail.com and it sits on
Problem is when I type in www.xkmail.com it sends back
bostonbrick.combut mail works great. Is this a dns issue or a apache issue?
Another small point is:
DO I setup ns1.xkmail.com ?
I thought I would jsut add an "A" record to ns1.bostonbrick.com

[root@ibm root]# cat /etc/bostonbrick.com.hosts
$ttl 10M
bostonbrick.com. IN SOA ibm.bostonbrick.com.
om. (
172800 )
bostonbrick.com. IN NS ns1.bostonbrick.com.
bostonbrick.com. IN A
mail.bostonbrick.com. IN A
www.bostonbrick.com. IN CNAME bostonbrick.com.
bostonbrick.com. IN MX 1 mail.bostonbrick.com.
ibostonbrick.com. IN PTR bostonbrick.com.
bostonbrick.com. IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ptr"

[root@ibm root]# cat /etc/xkmail.com.hosts
$ttl 10M
xkmail.com. IN SOA ibm.xkmail.com. kevin.xkmail.com. (
172800 )
xkmail.com. IN NS ns1.xkmail.com.
xkmail.com. IN A
mail.xkmail.com. IN A
www.xkmail.com. IN CNAME xkmail.com.
xkmail.com. IN MX 1 mail.xkmail.com.
xkmail.com. IN PTR xkmail.com.
xkmail.com. IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ptr"

[root@ibm root]# cat /etc/named.conf
options {
directory "/etc";
pid-file "/var/run/named/named.pid";

zone "." {
type hint;
file "/etc/db.cache";

zone "bostonbrick.com" {
type master;
file "/etc/bostonbrick.com.hosts";

zone "xkmail.com" {
type master;
file "/etc/xkmail.com.hosts";

ANy ideas let me know. I have a virtual server on apache for both
xkmail.com and bostonbrick.com

Kevin and Martha Brown
Dynamic Management
11448 Brawley Rd
RR 395-3
Oak Hills, CA 92345