> I am running bind version "BIND 9.2.2-P1" and I notice that my query
> times are very long. When I run Ethereal to see why, I see that initial
> queries are sending the OPT pseudo RR. Almost every nameserver out
> there responds to this with RCODE "format error" and then bind issues
> another query without this extension.

Actually the majority of servers out there know about EDNS.

> This is really increasing my relsoving time. I would really like to
> disable this, but apparently I can only do this on a per server basis.

The delays caused by EDNS probes are generally not noticable to
the end user.

You are most probably seeing the side effects of the addition of
tickled a bug in BIND 9 (fixed in 9.2.5/9.3.1 out soon). This also
exposed misconfigured firewalls that incorrectly dropped EDNS
replies bigger than 512 octets. The EDNS referral to the COM /
NET servers now exceeds 512 octets.

Upgrade to 9.3.0 and run "named -4" to work around the BIND 9

Upgrade to 9.3.0 and set "edns-udp-size 512;" in options if you
have a broken firewall. This should be seen as a short term
work-around until you get the firewall fixed.

You can determine if the firewall is misconfigured if you get
a response to the first query and not to the second query.

dig soa com +norec @a.root-servers.net
dig soa com +norec +bufsize=1024 @a.root-servers.net

> First, I would like to know how to disable this globally (hopefully
> without recompililng). But something makes me think this is not what I
> want to do. I just can't believe that ISC would release BIND9
> configured by default to double resolving times. Am I doing something
> wrong?
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> Joe Harvell

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