You guys are great. That certainly enable me to run dig
successfully. However, I still am not able to do lookups just straight
from my server. IOW, when I try to find the domain
from my nameserver I time out still. Originally I wasn't even able to run
the dig off of At least I can do that. But why am I still
timing out?

Steps I took to achieve successful digs off

Increased upd ttl (no -o udp_ttl=128)
Increased tcp mss ( no -o tcp_mssdflt=1440) the default is 512

Only the udp ttl increase was really needed, but in trying to get the dig
to work using our nameservers I increased the tcp mss.

Anybody willing to brainstorm with me? The does take a
pretty long time. Are my queries off my box just not getting back fast
enough? Can I change this setting somewhere?

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Allie M Hopkins wrote:

> ANY aix machine that I run dig times out. I
> have tried 6 different aix machines with varying hardware, os version,
> software, administrators, etc. All fail. On ANY other os that I try:
> windows, openbsd, fedora, gentoo, this lookup is successful. How strange
> is that????? I dug a little deeper. When I traceroute to that

> it never reaches it from our network.

> traceroute to ( from (,

> hops max

Looks like is more than 30 hops from your machines.
AIX apparently uses an initial TTL of 30 in UDP, see

That references the AIX command "no", so look into that.

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