Allie M Hopkins wrote:

> I have a stranger problem.. one that may end up being reported to IBM, but
> I figured I give the list a shot.

> A user started complaining of not being able to send mail to a particular
> domain ( The problem is that our name servers can
> not resolve that name off the responsible name server. After digging for a
> full day, this is what I found:

> ANY aix machine that I run dig times out. I
> have tried 6 different aix machines with varying hardware, os version,
> software, administrators, etc. All fail. On ANY other os that I try:
> windows, openbsd, fedora, gentoo, this lookup is successful. How strange
> is that????? I dug a little deeper. When I traceroute to that nameserver,
> it never reaches it from our network. My network gurus decided to test
> some things with routing and shut off one of our core routers. Traces
> would sometimes work. When the trace reached past a certain cox router
> ( the dig was successful. The very next time the trace would
> stop at this router and the dig would fail. Again, this is only true on
> the aix boxes. What in the world is going on here???? There is a mixture
> of problems. Now that both our core routers are back up I never get a
> successful trace to that server, but this does not affect any other os.
> What does aix do differently????

> Please. Anyone. Got any advice?

My guess is that AIX home-made MSS-probe gets problem. Try reducing MSS
and try again.

Peter Håkanson
IPSec Sverige ( At Gothenburg Riverside )
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