salvador peralta wrote:

>Hi folks,
>I've recently migrated from an ISP that handled my DNS services to one
>that does not. I've muddled my way to a semi-working configuration, but
>have basically hit a roadblock, and was wondering if someone can help me
>get to a proper configuration.
>Basically, I want to set up primary and secondary DNS and MX for my
>domain, on and
>The configuration that I have set up will resolve basically any wildcarded
>second-level domains (e.g.,, but not the
>tld, by itself.
>How do I need to modify this configuration so that
>will resolve?
>; zone file for
>$TTL 3D
> (
> 200303301 ; serial#
> 3600 ; refresh, seconds
> 3600 ; retry, seconds
> 3600 ; expire, seconds
> 3600 ) ; minimum, seconds
> NS ns1 ; Inet Address of nameserver
> MX 10 mail ; Primary Mail Exchanger ;
>localhost A
>jefferson A
>ns2 A
>mail CNAME jefferson
>ns1 CNAME jefferson
>www CNAME jefferson
>* CNAME jefferson

Add an A record for Currently you have none.

Note that it is illegal for an NS to point to a CNAME. You'll need to
make "ns1" an A record, or point your NS record elsewhere.

Note also that it is a requirement of the Internet Standards to have at
least 2 nameservers for a zone. If you don't have an available machine
to be a slave (preferably on a different subnet and/or in a different
physical location), you'll need to get somebody to provide that service
for you.

- Kevin