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> If you're not using a forwarder (well, then you should be.
> [...]
> Dana Brash
> In the discussion forum for ISC's BIND, DevilsPGD has just written:
> Why are you using forwarding? This is silly, dangerous and
> pointless.
> I agree 100% with the above -- I'm curious, can anybody tell me why
> the whole forwarding fetish seems to be so popular, especially in
> printed books and documentation and MCSEs?
> Most crackerjack box MCSEs are not only stupid, but lazy -- Setting
> up forwarding takes a few more seconds then not setting up
> forwarding, so what's the benefit?

Jonathan, you need to lay off the caffeine...

Were all here to help and advise, and the more responses a poster receives,
invites collaboration. Your understanding of DNS is remarkable, and is
welcomed in the discussions, but to flame, is unwarranted.


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