wrote on 11/29/2004 10:16:42 AM:
> On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 10:01:46AM -0500,
> kaiduan xie wrote
> a message of 53 lines which said:
> > Actually there is a resolver library ARES from MIT.

> OK, so you actually have a question about the use of the ARES library,
> not about BIND or about the DNS. Correct?
> > The gethostbyname() call is synchrous.

> gethostbyname has been deprecated in the last century :-) See "man
> getaddrinfo" or RFC 3493.
> > I want to know the case where from the user's point of view, the DNS
> > query is blocked.

> I'm afraid I do not understand more this time. It seems a very
> ARES-specific question and I never used this library.

The OP is asking about blocking as it pertaints to IO in a programming
sense. Something is said to block if it waits for a response. Things
that block tend to bog the system down (from what little I understand on
the subject).