"Fabiano Silos Reis" wrote:

> Im using bind version 9.3.0 configured as a dns cache server. Im
> experiencing a strange situation here and I have no idea if it is a
> bug issue or not. Just wanna some help from you gurus... When I try
> to resolve www.jfce.gov.br using this dns
> server I receive a timeout response. I traced this query using debug
> level 99. Do anyone have any clue of what I s going on?

> 10-Nov-2004 12:21:34.351 dispatch 0x81f1f38 response 0x821e578 attached to task 0x81f9f88
> 10-Nov-2004 12:21:34.351 resquery 0x821f3e8 (fctx 0x821ad58(www.jfce.gov.br/A)): sent

It has found, which is one of the nameservers for jfce.gov.br

> 10-Nov-2004 12:21:36.351 dispatch 0x81f1f38 response 0x821f6d0 attached to task 0x81f9f88

And is the other one, so looks like a problem between
your server and those two. Can you query them directly, eg

dig @ www.jfce.gov.br. a +norec

I can from here. Ah, but not if I use port 53 as the query-source,
so could be their firewall is refusing queries from port 53.

Ronan Flood
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Network Services, University of London Computer Centre
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