Here's my problem.

I have a web server (Suse Linux 9) running in my LAN, ip
We are connected through an adsl router to the internet.
I have set the routing table so http requests from the outside for
are redirected to

My colleagues inside the lan are not so enthousiastic about the fact
that they have to type in an IP number in stead of the url.

I am running named.

I have added to
the lines:

zone "eee.nl" in {
type master;
file "eee-internal.zone";
notify no;

In the directory:
I have added a text file called:
containing the following text:
eee.nl IN SOA www ppj.eee.nl.(
2004100101 ; serial
1D ; refresh
2H ; retry
1W ; expiry
2D ; minimum

IN NS www
www IN A

If I type www.eee.nl in my browser (inside the LAN of course) I get
switched to search.msn.nl (or equivalent message, depending on the
setting of the browser) that tells me there are no results found for

Can anyone point me to the solution in this dilemma


Peter Paul Jansen
Triple EEE management Support BV
Rijswijk, The Netherlands
ppjansen at eee dot nl