On Thu, 4 Nov 2004 09:06:43 +0100, "Walkenhorst, Benjamin"

>> Does the file rolling have to do with a permissions issue or is it a
>> different problem?

>Did you check the permissions for the folder your log files live in?
>To create or remove a file, you need write permission on the folder.
>Kind regards,

Thanks Benjamin:

The folder "/var/log" (where the named logs are being written) is:


--and is owned by root

the log file itself is owned by a user/group called named, and is

however, if BIND can write to the original log file, why wouldn't it
be able to roll it to a new file?

Anyway, I ended up touching a new file, chown'ing it to named:named,
and changed the log file in named.conf...and it all seems to be
working ok now!