Robert Moskowitz wrote:

>For testing purposes, I want to run a zone that is not delegated to me
>(Actually an zone).
>I have it working on BIND 9, but doing what seems like the equivalent thing
>on BIND 8 does not work.

An undelegated zone should work, as long as the client is only sending
queries to authoritative servers.

When you say "does not work", exactly what results are you getting?
NXDOMAIN? Empty answers? SERVFAIL?

>A caveat is the BIND 9 system is not connected to the Internet, so it's
>cache is basically empty.

Well, I don't know if it's related to your undelegated-zone problem, but
all BIND instances need some form of root zone. If they aren't connected
to the Internet, they'll need to either be authoritative for an internal
root zone, or have a "hints" file with internal-root-zone nameserver
information in it.

- Kevin