Stefan Puiu wrote:
> If you need the res_nXXX functions, you might want to try statically
> linking with the libbind from BIND 8 instead of your OS's resolver
> library. That way you won't need to tell people to have libbind installed.

I think this is what I'll do. Check if libresolv has res_nXXX. If not, include
libbind. This works already fine for me (UNIX only...). The only thing I need to
do is to modify configure script to select one or the other.

Thanks to everybody who answered me.

> The solution also depends on the OS's you'll be supporting. I've tried
> building a recent libbind (8.4.4) on Windows and failed, and from what I
> understand it's not exactly trivial. On some versions you also need to
> modify the libbind.exp file if you use functions not included there (for
> example res_nclose, IIRC). I didn't have these problems on UNIX, though.
> libbind in the BIND9 source is actually the same library as in BIND 8.
> BIND 9 uses libdns and libisc (and a few others), which seem to be
> intended to be internal APIs - they are design according to the
> internals of the new name server. They are more difficult to use than
> standard libbind.

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