>I'm in the process of updating from bind 9.2.1 to 9.3 and I'm considering
>going completely dynamic, I was wondering if anyone new of a set of
>already written tools for managing a dynamic dns environment. I already
>know you have to use nsupdate,

Actually, that's not exactly true. The Net:NS Perl module has Dynamic
Update routines (with TSIG signing, if desired), so you're not limited
to using nsupdate. (Admittedly, I still call nsupdate because I haven't
gotten around to recoding my Dynamic Update core stuff to use Net:NS).

>but are there any written programs for
>inserting new records and deleting records using nsupdate or something
>else. I'm just trying to avoid having to write the tools myself, but if I
>have to I will.

I have tools like that, unfortunately they are the property of
DaimlerChrysler and I can't really share them without going through a
whole lot of bureaucracy. I can provide general guidance and advice,
however, if you're going to create something from scratch. You can
contact me off-list if you want.

- Kevin