> I've been a heavy user of the freeze/unfreeze commands since I excitedly inst
> alled BIND 9.3.0rc1 a day after it was released. It's played a very important
> role in my dynamic update capable multi-user system. Now that I recently upg
> raded to the final version of BIND 9.3.0, I am looking at this deprecation of
> the unfreeze command. I've never had a problem with its performance so I don
> 't know why I should change my scripts to use thaw. In all my googling and gr
> epping of documentation I can't for the life of me figure out the difference
> between unfreeze and thaw, nor the motivation behind the change.
> Could anybody offer the answer to these 2 questions?
> Dave

There is no difference except for the name of the command.

Freeze/thaw is new functionality as of BIND 9.3.0. We
changed unfreeze to thaw because we didn't like unfreeze.
Yes this was a change very late in the development phase
but it was still in the development phase. BIND 9.3 has
now shifted to the maintenance phase.

You should fix your scripts because there is no guarantee
that unfreeze will be supported as deprecated in BIND 9.4.0.
That way when you upgrade to BIND 9.4.0 they will be less

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