On Thu, 21 Oct 2004 17:45:30 -0400, Kevin Darcy wrote:

> I don't claim to be a crypto expert, but I thought keys of type "ZONE"
> were only for the whole DNSSEC shebang (KEY/DNSKEY records, etc.). The
> dhcp.conf man page example uses a "USER" key type, and I've always used
> a "HOST" key type. Have you tried either of those?

I tried both; same result... The bizarre thing is that I get the same
error if named is not running....

I am totally stumped on this. I have two working setups and this one. I
have no idea why this one won't work....

The one possibility is that on the other setups, both bind and dhcpd were
compiled from source; this one came from an rpm. If all else fails, I'm
going to compile them. But I'd like to be sure that it's not something
goofy that I left off.