Hi I have a 9.2.3 server running on Linux9:

logging {
channel "my_syslog" {
syslog daemon;
severity info;
channel "my_file" {
file "/var/log/named.msgs" versions 3 size 500k;
severity dynamic;
print-category yes;
print-severity yes;
print-time yes;
channel "null" {
category "default" { "my_syslog"; "my_file"; };
category "general" { "my_file"; };
category "notify" { "my_file"; };
category "queries" { "null"; };
category "unmatched" { "null"; };
category "xfer-out" {"my_file"; );

I'm not sure why, but at some point the log stopped rolling, so now
the primary file "named.msgs" just keeps growing and growing until I
delete it. I don't see any errors in any of my logs.

I've tried recreating the file several times, but it won't roll
anymore. I've created the file as root but then chown'd it to my
named/named user/group, and named can write to it but it won't roll.

I have an identical logging statement in a config file on a secondary
NS running FreeBSD 5.2, and the file rolls correctly.

Does the file rolling have to do with a permissions issue or is it a
different problem?