wrote on 10/19/2004 08:29:49 AM:
> I am doing some testing with Bind 9.2.x on SUSE Linux, and found that
> query resolution to child zones through glue records is not working if
> one or more forwards configured. Following is my test scenario. Please,
> let me know if something is wrong with my configuration.
> 1. is a zone with a child zone As usual,
> has glue records pointing to Name servers of child zone.
> 2. name server has 3 forwarders configured and forwarding is
> configured to forward first.
> 3. has a record called baby.
> With this configuration, if I query name server for
>, query resolution fails.

Probably due to the fact that the name server has received a recursive
query (query coming from a client resolver) for data that resides in a
zone for which the name server is not authoritative. With 'forwarding'
configured this behavior is normal. However, if another name server where
to ask, it would get the referral and follow the delegation. You may want
to consider not using forwarding...