Clemens Bergmann wrote:
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> hi,
> I have a problem getting AXFR work with bind9.
> because of the fact that i have 8 zone file i don't attach everyting he=

re. I putted my config file on a webserver so you can view it.
> The URI is

> I need AXFR but when I do a `dig home.loc AXFR` i get:

> ; <<>> DiG 9.2.4rc5 <<>> home.loc AXFR
> ;; global options: printcmd
> ; Transfer failed.

> same from the server directly and from a pc in;
> i also tried to do with "@" respectively "@" but =

that does not chage anything.

> obviously something is send back from the NS because when i start ether=

eal on the pc i do the request i get a package back but with "[Unreassemb=
led Packet]" (I don't know what that means).
> Here is the tcpdump -w output for that package so you can open it up in=

ethereal an have a look (package 8):

> In hope of quick response
> Clemens

> p.s.
> sorry for my bad english i am not a native english speaker (german)

I cannot see the problem, but i see some other problems :

your external view misses hint zone=20

2/ you use forwarders. In a few special cases is this needed but in most =
cases it will only complicate things and get worse performance. Get rid o=
f them !

slave for "" is ( according to delegation)
You allow Is this intentional ?

in spite of your good idea to have config+files avaliable "on demand" i g=
et :
You don't have permission to access /bind/zones/ on this=
(this might not mean that there is a fault in the file only that i cannot=
verify it)

(and your english is fully understandable, this is a technical discussion=
not an english grammar contest !)

Peter H=E5kanson =20
IPSec Sverige ( At Gothenburg Riverside )
Sorry about my e-mail address, but i'm trying to keep spam out=
remove "icke-reklam" if you feel for mailing me. Thanx.