This is my first post.
I am running Windows XP and Bind 9.3, the latest release.

The installation seemed to go OK, so I proceeded to create
configuration files in the etc directory under C:\WINDOWS\system32\dns. On
installation I was provided with a "named" user and I have given full
permission to this user on the dns directory and everything below it. But I
am not getting far. When I run named-checkconf.exe to check named.conf I get
a fatal application error after a few seconds. The error seems to be an
access violation and mentions the ntdll.dll. Perhaps it is because I failed
to give named user a password? There is no named group either.

Before getting down to other details, however, I would like to ask a
different question. What I am trying to do is quite straightforward. I have
a web page that is in my own PC and I am serving it up with Apache and
Tomcat. The domain name I am working with goes like this: I am updating this dynamically, so that when my IP
changes the domain name servers still point to the right location. What I
need to do is to add the possibility of a www. out the front of it when
people access it. I am trying to install Bind in the same PC as my webserver
to provide the final link to www. Will this work?

Using something like:
at the bottom of a file?

How much do I need in the way of configuration files for a bare minimum?

Thank you in advance to anyone who might guide me.

Ian Wark.