>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Mathews writes:

Greg> To restart named etc I've been using the command line

Greg> /etc/rc.d/init.d/named restart

Greg> but recently this has stopped working, ie restart will stop
Greg> named but doesn't restart it again

Correct. There is no restart facility in BIND9's rndc. rndc even says
that. [There wasn't really one in BIND8 either. It was faked. An "ndc
restart" would kill and re-start the name server but didn't know about
the command-line arguments that had been supplied to the original
invocation of named.] The script above is probably invoking rndc. If
you insist on restarting the server, you will have to find some other
way of doing that: say by fixing this script. OTOH that could be a
waste of time. A name server should only ever need to be restarted
after the software has been replaced.

Greg> when I attempt to start named using rndc it returns the
Greg> error

Greg> 'rndc: connect failed: connection refused'

Greg> Any idea's why rndc is failing to connect?

Because you haven't told the name server to create a listener socket
for rndc control messages. Read the section on named.conf's controls{}
statement in the ARM.