This functionality is more apache/qmail-intensive than BIND or DNS. As
far as DNS for a configuration like this goes, simply make sure that the
www. ,(and any other web-bound hostnames), and MX records for the .com and
..org domains are the same.

The rest is simply a matter of setting up "virtual hosts" in apache and
qmail. Here's some info to get you started:

Apache Virutal Hosts documentation

Apache Virtual Hosts examples

I know nothing about qmail, but this may help

Good Luck,


On Fri, 14 Oct 2004, aaron wrote:

> I have an apache and qmail server up and running. I need some
> direction on how to answer requests (web and mail) for each .org and
> .com. I need it if someone goes to the .com (web and mail) the
> requests are forwarded to the .org.
> Can someone give me some direction on how to set that up? I'm pretty
> new at this, so thanks for the help.
> rhl