> > > IN NS homebase.htt-consult.com.
> > >
> > > homebase.htt-consult.com. IN A

> >
> >That A record should not be there, it's out-of-zone.

> This is a glue record I added when the zone was not working anyway,
> thinking I needed it. Perhaps this shows how long ago I did anything
> serious with Bind...

The RR in question here is not a glue RR. A glue RR would need to be in
the parent zone. Therefore, if you had a subdomain called
"homebase.htt-consult.com" and you had a name server for that subdomain
called "ns1.homebase.htt-consult.com" then:

In the htt-consult.com zone db file you would need:

;delegate homebase.htt-consult.com.
homebase.htt-consult.com. IN NS ns1.homebase.htt-consult.com.
homebase.htt-consult.com IN NS authns.foo.com.

;provide glue for the NS RR that is in the subdomain of this zone.
ns1.homebase.htt-consult.com. IN A

Notice that the A RR for ns1.homebase.htt-consult.com really belongs in
the homebase.htt-consult.com zone db file and is therefore "out of zone
data" in the htt-consult.com zone db file. However, to defeat the
"chicken and the egg" problem it appears in the htt-consult.com zone as a
"glue RR".

What you have done above does not apply to the "glue" problem. It is
purely "out of zone data".