> Hello,
> I've been reading through documentation, and I still can't find a reason
> why notifies weren't sent out to ns2.myvemma.com when it was defined as a
> CNAME. They were only sent out when it had an A record. In both cases,
> it had a NS record.

NS records are only supposed to point to addresses records (A/AAAA).
Pointing to CNAMES is not supported by the DNS protocol. Named
knows this so it never follows a CNAME when looking up addresses
of nameservers. This causes broken configurations to be detected
earlier and hopefully be fixed.

> Bind 8 seemed to have no problem sending notifies to a slave server that
> was defined by a CNAME record. Does anyone know if this is an official
> change?

You are confused. BIND 8 and BIND 9 only look for A/AAAA and
in some versions A6 records.

> Thank you,
> -Raiden Johnson

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