Techie wrote:
> As it says in the readme1st.txt file in the zip distro of Bind 9.3, drop
> the bug rep's in here.

> Well here it goes.

> 1) The installer provides an option to Start service after finishing
> install. Why? There are no config files done since they have to be built by
> hand so hy even provide the option. It seems redundant. INstead there
> should be a list on what files are required and what you need to add as
> basic values. Then it would be more Windows friendly.

> 2) Bind 4, 8 and 9 all have the same glitch in the following cases

> Run the installer that came with it.
> Click UNINSTALL Bind

> It does NOT remove the service registry values in Windows.
> This in turn prevents any future re-installation of BIND on this machine
> without manually running RegClean, a no longer supported MS app, and then
> rebooting. It does not remove root dir for the files and logs allthough
> selected to do so.

> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> And yes I know, we're all stuck on the fact that most run Linux for this
> and no I'm not unwilling to learn as someone so bluntly put it.
> If I wasn't, why would I be here in the first place?

> Anyway, my two cents and hopefully you guys will add this to make it more
> windows friendly. After all only 5 - 10 % of all users who get in to this
> one way or another are on linux. If I were missing 95% of the market in my
> business, I'd be out of business pretty soon. Guess some luck and some
> skill comes into play. And yes I know windows is not the best server
> environment but hey, thats at least something I know.

the "windows market" for bind is very low. So it doess not seem to
be a major issue.

In contrast are most problems with un*x platforms resolved within days.

Peter Håkanson
IPSec Sverige ( At Gothenburg Riverside )
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