As it says in the readme1st.txt file in the zip distro of Bind 9.3, drop
the bug rep's in here.

Well here it goes.

1) The installer provides an option to Start service after finishing
install. Why? There are no config files done since they have to be built by
hand so hy even provide the option. It seems redundant. INstead there
should be a list on what files are required and what you need to add as
basic values. Then it would be more Windows friendly.

2) Bind 4, 8 and 9 all have the same glitch in the following cases

Run the installer that came with it.

It does NOT remove the service registry values in Windows.
This in turn prevents any future re-installation of BIND on this machine
without manually running RegClean, a no longer supported MS app, and then
rebooting. It does not remove root dir for the files and logs allthough
selected to do so.

And yes I know, we're all stuck on the fact that most run Linux for this
and no I'm not unwilling to learn as someone so bluntly put it.
If I wasn't, why would I be here in the first place?

Anyway, my two cents and hopefully you guys will add this to make it more
windows friendly. After all only 5 - 10 % of all users who get in to this
one way or another are on linux. If I were missing 95% of the market in my
business, I'd be out of business pretty soon. Guess some luck and some
skill comes into play. And yes I know windows is not the best server
environment but hey, thats at least something I know.