wrote on 10/14/2004 12:40:24 PM:
> Pete,
> It is still the case that our GSLBs work pretty well. I'm not just

saying that
> from the point of view of using my own browser. When we use the GSLBs to

> redirect traffic for our sites, we can see that the traffic does indeed

get redirected.
> For example, one of our sites gets over a million hits per day from all

> the world. It gets over one million monthly unique visitors. When the IP

To Pete's point: As your hits are coming from a large number of unique
hits, that implies unique brower sessions, and therefore implies that that
your users will not have cached information from your glsb's and this type
of traffic might not be problematic.

However, the ones you have to worry about are those people that are not
unique and have a browser cached answer. These people will have the
problem that Pete describes.

With the large number of unique connections your site takes you can expect
to see the results you have described. As will all technical caveats, it
is important to evaluate your particular circumstances and determine the
potential impact to your situation.

Just my $.02.



> address handed out for that site by the GSLBs is changed, the change

> effect in the traffic to the site extremely quickly and effectively. So

> gives a good kind of average over the various different browsers and

> throughout the world.