"Mokwena Motseto" wrote:

>Sorry for the misunderstanding
>I was not looking for support, I was just asking from people, who have
>been in the same situation that I am in now
>What influenced their decision to choose what ever they chose to go

My feeling from reading postings on this list for a number of years
is that most people who are currently using BIND will stick with BIND.
In general, there is a mistrust of MS code. There were
interoperability problems with BIND and MS W2k DNS a few years ago, but
I have experienced no major problems since August 2002, when MS
resolved my last major problem. I use MS W2k+3 DNS mainly for the
AD-related zones, where I want the AD-integrated security of the DDNS.
I do have one forward zone and its five reverse zones on the MS DNS
Server, all under the control of a MS DHCP Server.
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