Sorry for the misunderstanding

I was not looking for support, I was just asking from people, who have
been in the same situation that I am in now

What influenced their decision to choose what ever they chose to go with

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Mokwena Motseto wrote:
> Hi

> We are currently running BIND 4.9 and we are under pressure to migrate

> at least to version 8 or 9

> But there is a possibility of moving to a microsoft DNS on windows=20
> 2003

> Our ISP's who host secondary zones for our domains are running BIND=20
> ver
> 9

> What I want you guys to help me out with is the following

> Do you know of any problems I might encounter if I migrate to BIND ver

> =3D

> (latest)

There is migration note(s) in the bind-9 distribution kit. Download and
read this.

Most stuff is about rfc-conformance, bind-4 might accept things that is
against standards that bind-9 will complain about. It's no argument=3D20
against bind-9 , it's an argument for correcting faulty configs.

Why don't you download buikl and start up on a testmachine until you
feel familiar with the software.

> Do you know of any problems I might encounter if I migrate to=20
> Microsoft DNS I don't what version it is, or if it has versions at all

You won't get support from this forum :-)

> Mokwena Motseto

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