Gary Mills wrote:

>We've been getting complaints that web browsers time out when
>they are attempting to access The problem
>seems to be that that name resolves to a CNAME and an A record
>that both have short TTLs:
> 300 IN CNAME
> 60 IN A
>Consequently, they are never in our DNS cache when the user browses
>to that web site. When I test the lookup by hand, it does take
>five or ten seconds for the response to appear. What can be done
>about this? We are running the BIND 8.3.3 version that is shipped
>with recent Solaris 9 releases.

I can resolve in 150 msec even without the CNAME or
the A record in my cache. So I think there's more to your problem than
just the shortness of the TTLs...

- Kevin