wrote on 10/07/2004 04:35:32 AM:
> David Botham wrote in
> news:ck1i5t$lso$
> >> client query: . IN NS

> >
> > I am fairly certain this log entry indicates that the computer at IP
> > address is asking your name server for the NS RR's for
> > the root zone.

> It seems clear, but is this normal that those servers asks that every

> second ?

Normal, I do not know. Is it the same server that keeps asking? Are
those servers in your network and authorized to use your name server for
resolution? There are too many variables to answer that question. Perhaps
you can contact the admin of the system(s) in question and ask them what
is going on... If they are not in your network and not authorized to use
your name servers, use ACL's to exclude them...


> Aren't they supposed to keep a cache of this kind of information ?
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> Nicolas Ecarnot