wrote on 10/07/2004 12:13:47 PM:
> Simon Hobson wrote:
> > If you use DDNS, you CAN use yyyymmddxx (but the date will become
> > meaningless over a while), you CAN do the Verisign method, or you CAN
> > just start at ONE and keep incrementing - BIND DOESN'T CARE !

> Thanks for the explanation. So the format should be yyyymmddxx not
> yyyymmddxxxx? I tried yyyymmddxxxx, and got

Yes, that is about right. The serial number is a 32 bit number. The
number of digits you have shown above would give you number more than 32


> ** server can't find SERVFAIL
> I'll read up on Verisign method, it looks like a plausible method.

A 32 bit number can be as large as 4,294,967,296. Start the SOA for your
dynamic zones at 1 and let them grown from there. After you have applied
4 Billion, 200 or so Million updates you will have to worry about
adjusting your serial numbers.


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> Norman