wrote on 10/06/2004 02:37:59 AM:
> Hai,
> I am using bind 9.2.1 in my debian system and it
> works well both in master & slave servers.
> When the zone transfer completes, I was noticed that "
> zone sending notifies (serial 11) " &
> zone sending notifies
> (serial 11) " in the slave server.
> Generally the primary server will send a
> notification and the slave servers will accept. But
> why slave servers send a notification? To whom it will
> send?

By default named will send notifies to all name servers listed in the NS
RR set for a given zone, except for the name server listed in the dname
field of the SOA RR, regardless of whether named loaded the zone as a
master or slave. This behavior is driven by RFC 1996.

You probably don't want the slave(s) sending the notify. Use the
following zone syntax to turn this behavior off:

zone ""{
type slave;
file "";
notify no;

Notice the use of "notify no;". This statement turns off notify for this
zone. Read the BIND ARM for details regarding other notify tweaking
features such as "also-notify" and "notify-source-..."



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