> So far I haven't seen an error.

the error was in 8.2.3 that was not setting the Auth. bit for hesiod.
see Mark's resp.

> >you think i could find work there as a runaway dns manager? :-)

> dunno. It's also been quite I few years since I was a student in Givat Ram.

it's now Edmond Safra Campus, and we are School of Computer Science & Eng.
as someone before said, ... what's in a name, a rose by any other name is
still a rose ... (sorry W.S., it's been sometime)

> I can't get to ns. Is it inside a firewall?

good question, i remmember configuring named so that the hesiod stuff would
not leek out, but looking at the conf files i can't figure out what
magic does it :-) time for RTFM, but nice to know that i did something right.