At 05:53 AM 10/4/2004, Danny Braniss wrote:
> I'm about to upgrade our master dns server from 8.2.3 to 9.3.0, in
>the process i'm discovering a 'little-problem' with class HS/hesiod:
>zone updates when the slave is 9.3.0 and the master is 8.2.2 fail.
>general: info: zone passwd.NS.CS.HUJI.AC.IL/HS/hesiod: refresh: failure
>master (source FORMERR
>if the slave is runing version 9.2.2 it works fine, also between 9.3.0 and
>I could just upgrade our dns to 9.3.0 (and buy a one way ticket to Rio) and
>hope for the best, but i'd like a less drastic path.

Post the contents of the zone. However it is possible that 9.3.0 broke
something in the hesiod space. There aren't many servers out there
these days serving hesiod zones so it wouldn't have gotten the kind of
testing that internet zones get.

>so, is there any simple fix?

You could try 9.2.4. Try running the slave version of the zone through
BIND 9.3.0 named-checkzone and see if it has any errors.

The ticket to Rio may be a good bet.