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"Brent Bailey" wrote:

> A company we are doing consultation for is having a problem with a thier
> primary DNS server,
> his domain is registered with register and is hosted elsewhere
> not hosted by the customer...when they use their own primary DNS to get to
> thier site..there domain cant be resolved, however thier secondary server
> does know about the domain in question.
> What would cause a primary DNS server to NOT get a update from root
> servers but allow a secondary to get updates from root servers. Also the
> primary know of all other domains,,,just not this certain domain.

Primary (aka master) servers don't get updates about the zones they're
authoritative for from the network. They load the zone data from a file
or database, and use that. Slave servers copy the zone data from their
master servers.

> the error i get when i do a nslookup from the DNS server is
> " *** No Address (A) records available for "

Is there an A record in the zone file on the primary server?

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
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