If you want to learn bind & dns, then purchase a book on such and read
and read and read some more! I recommend 'DNS and BIND' 4th Edition by
Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu. Very Good! Most definitely worth its weight
in the present highest value substance (Whatever that may be).

I have designed, configured, tested and installed 5 dns servers since
May 2004. There have been a few gotchas along the way, but I have been
able to troubleshoot and resolve the problems with a little help from my
trusty previously mentioned book. Also, searching the bind mailing list
archives has provided some valuable info along the way, as well as a few
articles on dns and bind that I found on the web.

The value of self-learning is knowing that the knowledge can be re-used
again down the road. I have learned much in this time, but I am nowhere
near as knowledgeable as the folks that use bind on a regular basis.

Probably not very helpful in your present situation, but...!


Roger Crane

Brent Bailey wrote:
> A company we are doing consultation for is having a problem with a thier
> primary DNS server,
> his domain is registered with godaddy.com register and is hosted elsewhere
> not hosted by the customer...when they use their own primary DNS to get to
> thier site..there domain cant be resolved, however thier secondary server
> does know about the domain in question.
> What would cause a primary DNS server to NOT get a update from root
> servers but allow a secondary to get updates from root servers. Also the
> primary know of all other domains,,,just not this certain domain.
> the error i get when i do a nslookup from the DNS server is
> " *** No Address (A) records available for customers-domain.com "
> but when doing a nslookup on other domains...it works fine.
> any help is greatly appreciated
> thanks in advance