> I'm running into an interesting problem with my bind 9.2.1
> installation. I recently updated the list of authoritative nameservers
> for my domain (at netsol.com). Unfortunately, all of the servers I
> have bind running on do not pick up this change until I restart the
> named process.
> Until I restart the process, they continue using the original
> nameservers, and return the IP addresses that those older nameservers
> have. After a restart of the process, they immediately recognize the
> new nameservers and return the IP's given by those new nameservers.
> Even weirder, when doing a 'dig' on the domain name, it uses the the
> older nameservers. However, if I do a 'dig +trace' it uses the new
> nameservers.
> My impression is that it has the original set of nameservers cached
> and continues to use the cache indefinitely. When doing a 'dig +trace'
> it doesn't use that cache, and as a result see's the new set of
> nameserver after contacting the root dns servers.
> My question is this...is there any setting or option I can configure

to have it refresh its cached list of nameservers automatically, or
> will I be forced to have a cronjob that restarts the nameservers every
> so often? Seems like a pretty nasty bug/feature.
> Any help would be appreciated,
> Lenny

You failed to turn off the old servers or to make them
slaves to the new servers then turn them off after the
ttl on the old NS RRset has expired.

Every time you get a answer from the old servers the
OLD NS RRset is sent in the reply which is then cached.

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