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> I am using Bind 9.2.2 for about the last 18 months. I haven't had any kind
> of problems during that period of time, but in last week I've had problem
> with the daemon (named). For some reason the DNS doesn't resolve any more,
> even the named process is UP and running. For continuing resolving I've
> stopped the daemon and started again.
> In the /var/adm/messages I saw the following message repeated a lot of
> times:
> ID 866145 daemon.warning] client no more recursive
> clients: out of memory
> The IP is a spam filter, I don't know if it, is causing the
> problem. For me is curios the message "out of memory" because the equipment
> is a SUN V210 with 1024 MB in memory.

It's talking about virtual memory, not physical memory. You're filling
up your swap space with cache entries, and apparently it's not enough.
However, restarting named when this happens should clear up the problem;
you might want to schedule a cron job that periodically restarts named.

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
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