Hi All,

i am trying to use c-find command using mergecom.

step1: i have made the association

step2: trying to setup dataset for the find command, for eg.

Mergecom.MCdataSet ds = new Mergecom.MCdataSet();
ds.addValue(Mergecom.MCdicom.PATIENTS_NAME, "King");

step3: created a query retrieve service

Mergecom.MCqueryRetrieveService service = new Mergecom.MCqueryRetrieveService(assoc);

res = service.sendFindRequest(ds); //res is a dimsemessage

in step 4 i am getting runtime excepiton by stating that

"MCexception: (E) Identifier message service has never been set"....

what could be the possible reason for this error.....i have tried a lot to understand the sample code...but...could not get anything..from it... thx...