We are doing an enterprise solution comprising of four different PACS-
system and three different RIS-system.
All imaging information is known by a central repository.
When we now started to create SR-objects out of the RIS-system in a
central SR-creator we see that some PACS-system have trouble handling
the "complete" DICOM study.
During the creation of SR-serie we generate Serie nr to 1 for the
first SR-serie and 2 for the next and so on.

When some PACS-system recalls thoose studies the have problem reading
the correct study date due to that the see the SR-object low serie nr
and starts extracting data out of that serie and mark that information
as a totalt for that study.
Eg. in a study were we created images 20081030 (study date) and when
we starts to generate a SR-object out of a report that were created
20081101. When a PACS handle that study it will show study date as

When we investigated this we found out that the PACS-system did not
behave like this if we set the SR-serie nr to a very high number (10
000 000).

Please let me know if you have seen this behaviour in your location or
if you heard some one else enter this problem.

What I also want to know is if there is a dedicated serie nr for SR-
series like there is for reformated series (the 300 series).
If not would it be a great idea to create a 600-699 serie nr for SR-
serie objects